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January 25th, 2006
12:16 pm


k...so its been a month since i've updated this...and i think that means its about that time 2 say byebye 2 livejournal...lol i have myspace and i use that much more...and every once in awhile i'll post a blog on there...i just come 2 realize that most people get their gossip from this thing about me and im tired of it just let me live my life please...if u honestly have nothing better 2 do then read this and run and tell everyone u know about my life then i feel really bad for you...so anyways

ummm lets see...Ohh me and Terry went 2 the Browns vs. Steelers game on Christmas Eve...that was probably one of the funnest things we've done...the game was sooo much fun especially when a steelers player slammed a browns fan in2 the ground!! but Cleveland people are extremely rude...so i doubt i'll be goin back there

On Christmas day my Yia Yia (grandmother) passed away...she had been in the nursing home for awhile and anyone that really knows me knows she was bedridden for a long time too...it was sad that she died on Xmas day but im happy that she doesnt have to suffer anymore...its kinda taken me a while 2 get over it...mainly cuz i feel like everyone i love dies around this time of year...like she died Xmas, my good friend Angela died a day before new years and my pappy died a few years ago in January. so ya its been rough for me...but i need 2 move on and not dwell on it

New Years was fun...we didnt do much just stayed at Terry's and drank...he didnt have cable yet so i didnt get 2 see the ball drop lol but just bein with my baby on New Years was much better!

i officially started IADT the 9th...and i loveeee it! i have soo much fun there...i love everything about goin 2 school in downtown pittsburgh (hmmm well maybe not the bus part and bums lol) it is really a good schooL and im glad i made the move...in April we're havin a big fashion show with alot of coorp. people there that wanna give out internships and jobs...and i've been chosen 2 be a Stylist for the show...we're doing Era's of Fashion and i have the 50's!!!! sooooooo excited...Jackie my friend is gonna help me out with it so that will be fun...i dont have my apartment yet...hopefully the end of this month..so i've been stayin with Terry on the weekdays

speakin of him...our 1 year anniversary is this saturday!!! lol im soooo excited i cant belive how fast the year went by...i dont know our exact plans...but heres what i got him..a framed steelers picture with all the legends on it... a framed picture of Hines Ward...a handheld texas holdem player 4 when hes bored at work lol...i made a picture frame collage of our 1st year 2gether (yup u knew i was gonna do something dorky!) and i wanna get him a dairy queen ice cream cake cuz he <3 em...but i think im out of money! lol

hmmmm i think thats it...i might update every now n then!

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December 21st, 2005
09:51 pm


lil update
its been awhile so heres an update of whats been goin on...

Im done with YSU...next semester im transferring 2 IADT in Pittsburgh...i went up last Friday to meet the admissions guy and i fell in love with it!...so Tuesday me and my mom go up 2 make everything final...so peace out Youngstown...i know what alot of people are thinking...that im only doing this cuz Terry's movin 2 Pittsburgh too...ok i said i wanted 2 do this before Terry got offered a job in Pittsburgh and if i wanna follow him sooo bad dont ya think we'd get an apartment 2gether up there? We decided to wait a year He's moving in2 a Townhouse with Will like 10 mins away from the city in a few days and Im going 2 get an apartment in downtown that the school recomended so that way i can meet people...i really cant wait 2 start classes...at the end of spring term we get 2 put 2gether a fashion show @ the William Penn hotel...with real designers!! i cant f*ing wait!

Terry took me 2 Pittsburgh friday 2 see the school then after we met Will in Ross Park so they could look at this one apartment and then me and Terry went back 2 Rochester to eat and chill, and i ended up staying the nite at his house...Alana his sister invited me 2 go 2 a bar with them...i was amazed...lol shes never liked me and with all the drama J caused last year with her callin me and shit i was just soo shocked she would invite me 2 a bar with them, not only that she freakin bout me drinks!!! haha! lol it was nice. but after the bar me and Terry went back 2 his house and watched the 40 yr old virgin...funniest movie ever!! lol ofcourse Terry passed out half hour in2 it cuz he always does, but i didnt care cuz it was sooo funny lol...definetly watch it!!!

I had 2 get up early Saturday cuz i had 2 work and Terry n Will were spending all day in Pitt apartment hunting...then saturday nite Terry came back up 2 Ypungstown 2 spend the nite with me...

Sunday was his graduation =(...i met his parents and sister there at like 1 and then had 2 sit through the most BORING graduation commencement ever lol freakin 600 people graduating...the whole time me and his sister Britney were makin fun of him and this dude that kept yellin "ROBIN I LOVE U!!! CONGRATS!!" lol so that was funny...then after that we all went 2 Carrabbas <3..yuuuuummy...dinner was sooo good as usual...i love his mom so much...when we were leavin his mom and sister gave me hugs!!! lol im sucha dork! after dinner we rushed 2 Bdubs to watch the wrestling payper view...lmao like i dont mind them but he acts like i love wrestling lol

i hate bath and body works...people there r sooo fake its sad...one good thing isi finally have been workin like crazy but now had 2 put my 2 weeks notice in...lol that sucks

ummm Shellz called...she's gonna help me move outta here prolly next week...i think were goin over 2 her house Friday nite...that should be fun i havent seen my girls 4ever

Saturday is the Steelers game in Cleveland...i got Terry tickets for that for Xmas...so i cant wait!!! i <3 hines ward!

i also got him tickets 2 the WWE thing in Pittsburgh for the 28th cuz its on his birthday...but he ruined that surprise! lol grrrreat now i get 2 see wrestling live instead of at bdubs! lol shoot me!

hmm think thats it 4now...

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December 9th, 2005
04:21 am


update time!
k...so its like 4:30...and i decided 2 update this thing cuz its been awhile, so here goes

ummm i havent been up 2 much at all...these past couple of months have been sooo rough on me i kinda just felt in2 a slump...thank god for the wonderful boyfriend and TRUE friends i have cuz those r who help me. Everyone else can seriously fuck off i dont care anymore about anyone, im sick of being nice and being walked all over...i've learned that in the end the only person u can really count on is yourself. I thought comming 2 college would be a fun adventure...well i was right about that last year, College is overrated bigggg time...no one cares about u there, ur just a tuition check they dont care about how u do in class or if ur adjusting as long as they r getting the money they could give a fuck...seriously...hmm well im not gonna ruin this by bitchin and complaining soo let me quit while im ahead lol

Terry officially graduates in 9 days! Ohhh myyyy goddd...im losing it seriously...i think im definetly more excited then he is..haha...5 years he spent at YSU majoring in Accounting and Computer Info Systems...i wanna just die thinking bout one degree...and he got 2!!! Im sooo proud of him...he's sucha hard worker...he had an interview with Price Waterhouse Coopers (k def butchered that one!) which is like the biggest/best accounting firm in the world!!! and they might offer him a position that requires both his majors so pretty much his dream job...so were prayin that one comes throught 4 him...he deserves it sooo much...not 2 mention the $47,000 a year they wanna start him off with!!!! how great is that?!?

yesterday i bought Steelers vs. Browns tickets 4 his Xmas gift and i cant wait!!! the only bad thing is its on Xmas eve...in Cleveland..boo...but it will be ok...I cant wait 2 rock my Hines Ward jersey 2 the game!! <3

i gotta get his graduation gift this week...i really wanna get him something like a card table and like texas hold em decorations i saw at Burlington 4 his apartment...i just need money haha...hmm and im not sure what yet for his birthday gift...yeah hes definetly killin me this month lol!!!

finallllllllly got a new cell phone...its sweet...i wanted the pink razr...but my madre wasnt into spending $295...oh well hah...but i <3 it..its an all black samsung flip and when it rings it lights up rainbow!!! how cute is that? i vowed 2never put a faceplate on it...so i glued tiny rhinestones around the silver part of it...adorable!

Gettin a coach purse 4 xmas! i heard my mom talkin bout it!!! hehe...she bought herself 2 this year and she knows i want one bad...i kinda wanted another dooney and bourke but i'll definetly take this instead!!!

hmmm i think that might be all 4 now!!

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November 17th, 2005
12:59 am


hmmm lets see...this weekend was actually alot of fun...

Friday me and Terry met my parents @ Rocknes (supposed 2 be Olive garden...boo) with the Banks' and we all went 2 Markies football game in Austintown...well my mom started drinkin as soon as they left steubenville and was plastered by the time she got 2 toronto LOL...the whole time she was hilarious...but annoying...then Justin brought in like over 50 jello shots in2 the game...so we took shots of them...lol freakin drunk asses my mom had 2 have 4 guys help her up bleachers cuz she was fallin all over the place!...lol it was fun as hell and i was with my parents...weird huh? lol...then after me and Terry came back here and Tracy came over for a bit cuz she was in town so we had 2 have some girl time so Terry went 2 The Cell with his friends...came back drunk as helllllll...lol his truck alarm went off and he ran outside barefoot thinkin someone was tryin 2 steal his truck lmao...it was hillllarious

Saturday we all went out...Me,Terry,Will,Jessica,Kenyon,Tracy,and Oneil...lol he was odd man out!! HAHA...we went 2 Applebees which was good as always, i drank most of Terry's mudslide YuMmMy <3...then we went 2 the mall for a bit...and i thought i was gonna get my build a bear...but he wouldnt do it cuz he wants 2 surprise me lol...then we went bowling...ohhh lord have mercy...i sucked soooooooooo bad...we played twice and i bowled all gutter balls, i think its cuz i had a concussion though lmao cuz when he left applebees i hit my head off Terry's car door (lol dont ask!)...Terry tried bowling without usin the lil finger holes and his ball flew over 2 lanes and hit like 4 pins on this one dudes lane...lmao he was soooooooooooo pissed but i almost pissed myself i laughed sooo hard...after we all went back 2 austintown and played some poker! lol so ya it was a funk weekend...finally i needed one soooo bad

last nite me and mal went 2 MVR for Laura's 21st! yummmy chicken salads...it was alot of fun 2...Tommy was there...i havent seen him in forever

I've been sooooo frustrated lately i dont know what 2 do...I dont know if i wanna stay @ YSU or not anymore...i really hate it here its sooo different from last year im miserable...i feel like i have no friends at all...well i do but no one ever does anything or go out like we used 2...i feel like if it wasnt for Terry i'd be alone all weekend, and he's leavin me in January, i just dont know what 2 do plus my new landlord is drivin me insane bout me movin in, y would i move in if im not sure i wanna be here or not i just dont know anymore, im really miserable here, i just know i cant go back 2 livin in the ville cuz theres absolutely nothing there for me at all... i would love 2 get an apartment in Pittsburgh and go 2 IADT but i just cant see my parents lettin me do that...i dont know :(

i think thats all

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November 10th, 2005
04:51 am


wait til u see my AAAAY!
lol i have that song stuck in me head soooo bad! prolly cuz they i hear it every 10 mins...i hate havin insomnia!!! lol well actually i think i have my days n nights mixed up...so anyways i decided 2 update this thing...

hmm 2day me n terry went 2 the movies cuz he had 2 do a movie review on a new movie at the theater so we went 2 see Get rich or die tryin...ehh it was pretty good i guess...not as good as 8 mile but still ok...there were alot mens asses in the movie though lmao...were supposed 2 see saw 2 soon...cant wait...while we were waitin 4 the movie we did one of those lil sticker booths...rip off...it was like 3 dollars for these little ass stickers and then u had 2 pick a background which were sooo queer...one was like butterflies and clouds and it says gal pals (ohh ya that was my 1st pick lmao) then there was a santa claus and elf thing and a string of lights so we did that one haha its cute though

terry's gettin me a turkey build a bear (cuz i call him my turkey!) soooo im excited bout that! ohh incase ur wonderin what his name for me is...its Hamhock...sexy i know! lol im not quite sure exactly what a hamhock is but im his lil hamhock! haha..ok we're weird and i dont understand it myself...

ummmmmmmm last week he came home with me for big reds playoff game...markie got a tackle! yay!...then chilled at my house 4 awhile and then we went out 2 old lady loftus' house...i didnt know it got torn down so ya that was scary...

big red plays in austintown friday so i guess me n terry r gonna go 2 that game too...fun fun...meetin my parents at olive garden...hells ya

a new girl is supposed 2 move in here soon...her names cindy...once she sees how freakin nasty this place is...she def wont wanna live here lol...i swear i fuckin hate this place sooooooo bad...no ones ever here to clean it and shit just gets piled up and it smells sooooo bad...last nite chris n troy came 2 visit me and said it smelled like cats lol...i miss last year sooooooo bad...i miss hangin out with them...on my floor and being RA wifey to Terry's floor lol...Youngstown definetly sucks and i dont know what im gonna do in January when Terry's gone...i have like no friends at allllll...i mean i do but i never do anything with them...i havent gotten drunk in about 2 months...me and malori made an attempt 2 go out but we felt soo stupid cuz we didnt know anyone at Jay Jays so we left and went home...i dont know i just hate it here

I LOVE workin at bath and body (id love it more if they gave me hours)but i love smellin soooo yummy!!!
Im gonna make some recomdations 4 ya! haha
-Pumpkin face mask from bath and body...bout $19...a definite must
-Tutti Dolci Apple torta body polish from bbw...also a must...if ur willing 2 spend $24...well worth it
-Hot chocolate bubblebath/showergel...my fave!!! and its only $10...its ammmmmaaazing!!
-Vanilla bean noel lotion...like $10...my all time fave lotion! makes u smell like a big sugar cookie!
k i was bored lol...but 4real these things r amazing!

I hate that stupid laffy taffy song...i really do
also hate homereckers? id be soooooooooooooo pissed if they did that shit 2 my room...
i think i hate mtv in general...they play the dumbest shit ever...ie NEXT...they pick the corniest white people ever! ohh and its impossible 4 me to not get 2 see a rerun of a show that was on...they replayed an episode of laguna beach more then 14 times one week...i swear 2 god! i mean its redic i hate it...i like some of the shows like laguna,runs house, makin the band but i only wanna see em like 2 times at the most...me and malori were talkin bout how bet plays more videos then mtv...think about it too bet (black ENTERTAINMENT tv) which only plays like 3 kinds of music- rap,r n b,and jazz and pretty much show videos all day...and mtv (music television) which plays a wide varitey of music yet only plays videos at like 3 am and its the same block of videos over and over...it makes no sense at all...maybe they can cut out the 4-14 rerun of the shows they make and play some videos..lol

k i think im done bitchin...Tracy's commin 2 visit me this weekend...yay!!!

guess thats all 4 now...

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October 31st, 2005
07:15 am


happy halloween
well its like 7:15 am and i cant sleep for some unknown reason lol so i decided to update this...not much has been goin on...cept im like deathly ill lol...friday i woke up and my glands were soooo swollen so i went 2 the student health center and they gave be ibeuprofen so i took those passed out for awhile feelin a lil better then got my paycheck and me and Terry went out that nite cuz it was 10/28 the day we offically started talking (ya im weird)...

Ladies and Gentlemen...i succeeded in making Terry go see March of the Penguins with me!!! HAHAHA k so i had 2 wait til it was at the dollar movies cuz he refused 2 pay full price for us 2 go...but i finally talked him into it! It was really cute though! i woulda never paid $7 to see it, but i really thought it was cute! lol i was gettin a lil irritated cuz 10 minutes into the movie Terry started snoring LMAO! but i made him watch it with me...he actually got in2 it too...lol hes such a dork! then after that we went cosmic bowling and dinner so it was a cute nite!

then when we went 2 sleep for somereason i just couldnt go 2 sleep so i drove back 2 my apartment 2 go 2 sleep and woke up saturday sick as hellll...my throat was soooo swollen i couldnt breathe and my whole body ached...Terry had 2 come down from Austintown 2 take me 2 the ER...they said i was dehydrated andi have pharyngitis...whatever the hell that is and i gotta get tested for mono wednesday...grrrrrrreat...i was sooo annoyed cuz they put an iv in my arm and it was burning sooo bad...then this one nurse had 2 take blood from my wrist...i thought i was gonna pass out cuz i hate my wrists being touched..and it hurt sooooo freakin baD...after that they gave me tylenol with codene and Terry went groccery shopping for me then made dinner...i swear i have the best boyfriend ever!

Im sad Halloween weekend is over and i didnt get 2 do anything...last year i went 2 Kent which was a blast and this year i stayed in bed like all weekend

I dont know whats wrong with me...im kinda in a funk...i have like no desire to go out anymore or do anything...things r soooooo different this year...last year despite the drama was a blast me and malori always had something 2 do and were like queens of our dorm lol but now its like blah..we used 2 go 2 a bar every monday and a club every thursday and party all weekend...lol and i havent been 2 a party all semester...thursday we tried 2 go 2 jayjays but we left cuz we didnt know anyone...i dont know i just feel soooooo out of the loop i hope this year gets better for me

well thats bout it 4 now
i should try 2 get some sleep

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October 20th, 2005
11:48 am


i dont know y i feel the need 2 update this thing 2day, nothing excited or new has really happened im just kinda in a weird mood 2day...

last nite i flipped out on Terry real bad...dont know y...i need 2 stop bein sooooo bitchy 2 him sometimes, i mean we were fine yesterday we made dinner watched top model (lol i make him watch it with me haha) then later for some unknown reason i just turned completly bipolar, i was gettin mad at him over every little thing i told him off cuz he accidently changed the channel on tv and got pissed of cuz he was fell asleep...lol who does that!? i dont know what my problem is and i wonder y he puts up with me sometimes...and then to make things worse when i was sleepin i was thinkin how mean i was 2 him and then this morning when he was drivin us 2 class i was bein mean 2 him for no reason, then i felt reallll bad cuz when he dropped me off he gave me a kiss eventhough i was being the biggest bitch ever..lol i gave him one 2...butttt seriously what is my problem?! its not that i dont love him or im sick of him, i love him with all my heart and wanna spend all my time with him...i dont know whats wrong with me =(

i hate bath and body works lol...well not really them but their stupid christmas display l..that freakin thing took 2 weeks...unreal...the funniest thing about em is they take this xmas display sooooooo seriously like everything has 2 be perfect...im like wtf cuz people r just gonna come in and mess it up...so stupid

i got the keys 2 my new apartment yesterday!!! terry helped me load up his truck and make a delivery over there of stuff i really dont need...i think thats what started my rage with him, cuz he just annoyed the hell outta me there, 1st he complained that the bathroom is too small, which it is but who cares its a bathroom u know, then he said the living room is too big and bare, well no shit there isnt anything in it yet, and he says my living room stuff is too gotti,
then he was bitchin cuz his cell doesnt get service cuz the dumbbutt still has at&t...lol maybe thats y i was sooo annoyed with him yesterday!

i had 2 go 2 my court/judicial thing tuesday...soooooo stupid i swear sooo im on probation for havin terry here...i swear if i never talk 2 kim or liza again, it would be too soon

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October 16th, 2005
03:43 pm


Sweetest Day <3
Heres my weekend update recap...

Friday- Laura, Toots, and Nicole all came down 2 hang out and drink, that was fun, cept of course there was drama with Mal and J so she ended up leavin, ohhhh well i guess...and Nicole didnt feel well so she went home but other than that i had a blast, me Terry, Laura and Tooter all played this drinking game i cant remember what its called but it was fun as hell, i didnt really get drunk drunk but i was nice and buzzed so it was ok

Saturday Tia from work called and wanted 2 trade me shifts at work so i ended up not goin 2 work saturday either but it was ok cuz me and Terry got up early cuz my parents were commin up after markies game in east liverpool 2 go 2 dinner with us for Sweetest Day, all week i had planned the cutest thing 4 Terry for Sweetest Day and he said all week he didnt celebrate the make believe holiday so of course i was kinda bummed about that, soo he went back 2 austintown 2 get ready and stuff and came back with 2 red roses...lol howwww cute! and he promised we'd go 2 the Canfield scaregrounds, so i gave him his gift, i made him a cd with all these songs that when i hear em i think of him...and i made a poem that every line in the poem came from the lyrics on the cd i made him!!!...he absoultely loved it!!! im so happy cuz it meant alot 2 me and he really loved it!!

then we went 2 Boardman 2 meet my parents at Carrabbas...omg i lovvvvvvve that place..like we went for my birthday and it was great but it was just soooooo delicious last nite!!! like seriously after eating there i dont know y u would wanna eat and the olive garden...soooo ya it was verrrrrry yummy!

then after that me and Terry went 2 the scaregrounds..lol of course im the biggest chicken in the world!!!!...we did the hayride and the haunted house...the hayride was kinda silly but it was still fun lol...the haunted house was ok...i got scared a couple times...definetly not as scary as brooke hills lol n thats not really even that scary but we had fun and terry bought me a light up rose!!! lol hes too cute!!!..i think next weekend were gonna try 2 go 2 station scare or geauga lake...so that should be fun

welllll thats it 4 now...i gotta go 2 work at 6 2 finish settin up that stupid christmas display i cant wait til this freakin thing is done lol

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October 11th, 2005
01:45 pm


100 QuEsTiOnS
001* First grade teacher's name: Sister Marsha?

002* Last words you said: Jesus christ

003* Last song you sang: golddigger- kanye west

004* Last person you hugged: Terry Lee

005* Last thing you laughed at: people on jerry springer

006* Last time you said I dont remember: this morning i thing

007* Last time you cried: last monday

009* What color socks are you wearing: none

010* What's under your bed: drawers and a box of paint

011* What time did you wake up today: 11:30 am

012* Current taste: keebler cookies lol

013* Current hair: down but not really straight

014* Current love: Terry Lee Foster

015* Current annoyance: my chipped french manicure i just got like 5 days ago

016* Current longing: wantin a puppy

017* Current desktop background: babyphat cat

018* Current worry: im always worried

019* Current hate: 2 of my roommates lol

020* Current favorite article of clothing: ummm alot...i <3 my clothes but prolly my wetseal jeans i <3 them, anyone of my tops, and my steve madden clogs...ohhh and my kathy bag!

021* Favorite physical feature of the other sex: smile, i love terrys smile!!!

022* Last CD that you listened to: some mix thing when i was drivin terry's truck

023* Favorite place to be: anywhere as long as im with my baby

024* Least favorite place: school

025* Time you wake up: before 12 cuz i have class lol

026* If you could play an instrument: acoustic guitar

027* Favorite color: pink of courses

028* Do you believe in an afterlife: yep

029* How tall are you: 5'7

030* Current favorite word/saying: babydoll

031* Favorite book: chicken soup

032* Favorite season: fall... i looooove fall

033* Person from your past you'd like to talk to: my pappy/angela

034* Person from your past that you don't want to see again: dunno

035* Do you go to college or university?: ysu

036* What is your career going to be: i wanna be a designer

037* How many kids do you want: 1 or 2


038* Had a pet that you killed: not on purpose...lol

039* Said "I love you" and meant it: yup

040* Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish, etc: lmao, ya Oreo hates me, she kicks my ass

041* Been to New York: 7 times! <3

042* Been to Florida: yeah when i was younger

043* Been to California: nooope

044* Been to Hawaii: nopeee

045* Been to Mexico: nope

046* Been to China: nope...chinatown is good enough 4 me

047* Have you ever met anyone off the net?: ohhhh god yes...and he freakin stalks me

048* Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day?: nope

049* Had sex with a friend?: yup

050* Had sex with an ex's friend: ummm no

051* Went out with someone and regretted it: yuuuuuuup


052* Do you have a crush on someone: its more then a crush

053* What book are you reading now?: NoNe

054* Worst feeling in the world: being unloved n lonely

055* What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: i gotta peeeeeee

056* How many rings before you answer: depends on who it is

057* Future daughter's name: Angelina...it was supposed be mine

058* Future son's name: not interested in havin boys lmao...but i'll prolly name him after my hubby

059* What do you sleep with?: my build a bear

060* Favorite TV show: laguna <3 top model <3

061* Wish were here with you: terry lee

062* Tattoos: 4

063* Piercings: right now just ears, but im kinda over piercings


064* Do you do drugs:nope

065* Do you drink: yup

066* What toothpaste do you use: the vanilla mint kind

067* What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do u use: victorias secret

068* What are you most afraid of: spiders

069* What clothes do you sleep in: pj pants and a t shirt

070* Who is the last person that called you: malori

071* Where do you want to get married: like a really pretty church

072* If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: alot of things

073* Who do you really hate: 2 people right now

074* Been In Love: yup...am now too

075* Are you timely or always late: usually late

076* Do you have a job: yup bath and body works baby

077* Do you like being around people: sometimes

078* Best feeling in the world: love

079* Do you have any stuffed animals: yes alot

080* Are you a health freak: no lol

081* Do you have a "Type" of person you always go after: nope not really

082* Do you want someone you don't have?: no

083* Are you lonely right now: kinda

084* Ever afraid you'll never get married: yeah

085* Do you want to get married: yes

086* Do you want kids?: yep


087* Cried: no

088* Bought Something: yepp

089* Gotten Sick: i still am sick

090* Sang: yeah

091* Said I Love You: yup

092* Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: i do tell him

093* Met Someone: ... no

094* Moved On: wtf??

095* Talked To Someone: yeah

096* Had A Serious Talk: yeah

097* Missed Someone: yess

098* Hugged Someone: terry lee

099* Yelled at Someone: people at t mobile

100* Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: nopee

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October 6th, 2005
12:26 pm


yeah wow, i was a lil irate yesterday lol...but i really do have good reason...

For all of u who dont know Terry is my boyfriend and he graduates at the end of this semester, since he's been an RA in the dorms for the past 3 years he never got an apartment. so for this semester he planned on living with his friend in Austintown but he ended up stayin with me a majority of the time, i understand there is a rule in the courtyards u cant have anyone living with u and thats totally understandable, i mean he's my boyfriend and of course im gonna have him spend the nite u know...well Liza and Kim are my 2 other roommates besides Malori, and we've been the best of friends since the beginning of last year they lived in the room across me n maloris for the past 3 weeks they have been in the process of moving out of our apartment, and Terry gave us his big tv 2 use in the livin room, so most of the time he's here hes playin xbox or whatever on it, and i have always told everyone if they had a problem with it just tell him and he'll go in my room, i mean if u know Terry he's about as harmless and a lady bug! lol seriously...so sunday nite after my work my cell has like 8 missed calls so im like what the hell and a voicemail from kim that says "We dont want Terry over here anymore, hes here too muhc and doesnt pay rent and if u dont make him find another place to go now things will be bad" so im like what the fuck!?!...then Malori calls me screamin cuz Jay paid Liza $30 for a paper and she got him a D on it, and he called her 2 talk about it and next thing u know Liza's mom called Malori flipping out about it, then Terry calls and said Liza and Kim ratted me out and told the Courtyards i had Terry livin here with me...so me terry mal and jay all went 2 dinner 2 talk about what happened and come back 2 find liza kim and her boyfriend Andy (who is over here all the god damn time too) sittin in the living room like nothings wrong, so me and mal went2 go talk about it with them and they were like just forget it cuz were movin out 2maro, so we were like ok whatever and went 2 bed....
wellllllll Monday morning i wake up about 9am from a phone call from Carol who is like the main manager here sayin i have 2 have a meetin with her, so i go and they tell me the Liza n Kim told that i had my boyfriend living with me and that he's a mess, and kim feels threatened by him (WHAT THE FUCK!?!?), and that they talked 2 me about not wanting him there that much and i ignored them...okkkkkkk that never happened! so they completly lied...and i abused my priveleges of having guests over nite, and Terry is no longer allowed 2 spend the nite and his visitation is prohibitted for 3 weeks and then he can only visit for a little bit, then they needed to talk with him, and it was soooo serious that we both coulda got kicked outta the school for that, plus im in alot of trouble now with the ysu judicial court, cuz parents got involved in this...is that not the craziest thing ever?!? all this because my i have my boyfriend over lol...and to make things even worse they both plan on moving out, Liza's moved out now,so y do all this shit 2 me and then move out!?!?! and y wouldnt u come talk 2 me about it instead of gettin me in trouble!?!? they r just as guilty as me for havin guys over...so now its pretty much war, i turned liza in for havin a dog here which is not allowed at all and kims parents now know that she has a tattoo that says ANDY on her hip!!! allllllll because of me! well the way i figure if im goin down, im takin these bitches down with me!

so yeah thats the shit i deal with...i'll let yinz know what happens with this whole deal!

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